Thankfulness - A Pathway to Joy
March 18, 2024

Thankfulness – a Pathway to Joy

Being thankful for where you are in life and your, changes your attitude towards life itself. It is literally a pathway to experiencing more joy in your life.   If you wake up in the morning and are thankful for that (consider the alternative), you are off to a great start. As you observe the […]
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Time at Sea
December 28, 2023

Time at Sea - An Inspirational Poem

Time at sea makes me ponder What lies ahead out yonder.   Will it be joyous or full of sorrow? Will I be happy again tomorrow?   I’ll not worry and just let it pass, For my days are numbered, not meant to last.   Why not enjoy the time at sea And just let […]
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How to Keep Your Positivity in new year
December 20, 2023

How to Keep Your Positivity in the New Year

The answer to this question is not what you think, but it is absolutely imperative! And it is a never-ending challenge we all deal with. Two days after Christmas it hit me (not another ornament off the tree), but the realization that I was exhausted. My legs hurt so bad from all the cooking, food […]
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Why - An Inspirational Poem
February 14, 2023

Why? - An Inspirational Poem

  Why do things happen Just as they do? Don’t you ever wonder – What makes it true?   Perhaps choices made When we were young. Maye it’s not the outcome For which we longed.   Ne’ver the reason, This point is true. God knew the reason Greater than you.   Learn to rejoice In […]
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September 20, 2022

Memorable thoughts – What Americans Can Learn from Europeans

Every time I go to Europe, I learn lessons to take back home to the United States. These are good refreshers of the things I have learned about life from the Europeans that I wish to incorporate into my everyday life. Let me share a few of these observances with you. Savor the moment, whether […]
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April 21, 2022

Doorways to Learning

Books are doorways to learning. They open our minds. They expose our thought process to innovative ideas. They help us imagine another way of living and interpreting life. It’s important to nurture yourself in this manner so you’ll experience a fuller and more meaningful life. Here are seven questions to ask yourself to help you […]
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How to Make Time for Yourself by Janie J, Author
June 17, 2021

How to Make Time for Yourself

We all need downtime. A chance to be quiet. Time to reflect. The opportunity to just “be.” You know you need to hit the “pause button" once in a while and make time for yourself, if only to take a break from your otherwise hectic life. But are you actually doing it? How can you […]
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Refreshing One's Soul. Image of a beautiful sunset taken by Janie J while on vacation at Kure Beach in North Carolina.
May 31, 2019

Refreshing One’s Soul: How to Rest, Relax and Recover

Only recently have I heard the term “refreshing one’s soul,” but I knew innately what it meant. I’ve been doing so - regularly - for the last five years since I started my journey of self-awareness and discovery. To me it was much like the term “self-care,” which I had not ever heard of until […]
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The Power of Reflection
May 17, 2019

The Power of Reflection

This morning instead of going for a run or working on my next book, I decided to put on a sweater and some tennies right over my nightgown and go for a peaceful walk around my small ranch. This gift of reflection (which is how I see my time spent in nature), was such a […]
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August 10, 2018

Make Time to Do Nothing!

Recently I enjoyed a week in a new city and did, well, pretty much NOTHING! This is a rather new activity to me, one which I am endeavoring to learn. In my previous life, before self-discovery and starting to lead the life I imagined, vacations (few as they were) were spent racing from one well-known […]
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    Beth Bridges
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