How to Make Time for Yourself by Janie J, Author

We all need downtime.

A chance to be quiet.

Time to reflect.

The opportunity to just “be.”

You know you need to hit the “pause button" once in a while and make time for yourself, if only to take a break from your otherwise hectic life.

But are you actually doing it? How can you make time for such an endeavor? Here are a few suggestions:


You might think planning is only for that vacation which is months away. But the same method can work for the shortest of "vacations." Put it on your calendar to take a walk, sit outside in the sun, take a yoga class, walk your dog, or listen to soothing music.

I used to put “eat lunch” on my calendar so I would actually spend the time to disconnect from work and enjoy a meal instead of standing at the counter and gobbling up some food!


Start by setting aside time each day just for you, even if it is only 15 minutes a day. Do something that brings you joy and serenity. It could be sitting quietly or meditating. It could be journaling. It could be exercising. Just find something that you can do which allows you to take time for yourself doing something you enjoy.


Maybe you want to go hiking or take a long walk but aren’t motivated to do it on your own. This is when you can enlist the help of a buddy to help you meet a mutual goal. Friends can help you in many ways and in return, you are helping them do something for themselves as well!


Learn to observe your feelings, your moods, and your needs. When you start to feel overstressed, overworked, or simply out of whack do something quick!

Don’t wait till you spiral out of control. Figure out what works for you when you start feeling anxious and do it! It might be as simple as sitting alone for 5 minutes and breathing slowly. It could be a walk around the block. It could be listening to Pink sing "Funhouse" really loud.

~ ~ ~

Make time for yourself! We all need to hit “pause” once in a while, whether it is on a regular or as-needed basis. The most important place to begin is to become aware of when you need that break and take action, do something, to improve the situation as soon as possible.

This is an easy way to start living your best life!

Need to create the habit of taking time for yourself? My CHEAT Your Way to Better Habits course shows you exactly how to build habits the easy way.

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