Refreshing One's Soul. Image of a beautiful sunset taken by Janie J while on vacation at Kure Beach in North Carolina.
May 31, 2019

Only recently have I heard the term “refreshing one’s soul,” but I knew innately what it meant. I’ve been doing so - regularly - for the last five years since I started my journey of self-awareness and discovery.

To me it was much like the term “self-care,” which I had not ever heard of until the last few years either.

If you read any of my books, but especially “Live the Life You Have Imagined: Simple Ways to Begin Living Your Best Life,” you’ll know how much I talk about the importance of taking care of yourself through sufficient sleep, eating healthy, some exercise and meditation, among other suggestions.

But refreshing one’s soul is equally as important!

It can be part of your meditation practice or even your exercise strategy, but you MUST make time to refresh your soul to live a happy and peaceful life.

Let me explain:

We all know we need to take care of our body. We all know we need to take care of our mind – feed it good thoughts! We know we need to feed our spirit – feed it some JOY!

But how exactly does one refresh their soul?

For me, a walk in nature certainly does the trick!

Image of a beach taken by Janie J while on vacation at Kure Beach in North Carolina.

I took this photo while walking on Kure Beach during a vacation to North Carolina.

Being among all the glory of God’s creation (Wyoming dude ranches especially!)  fulfills a need deep inside and gives me a sense of peace. What is not to love about the beautiful sky, the new flowers, the birds in the trees, the gentle wind? It is all-encompassing and beautiful. We only need to open our eyes and let our minds wander to feel the benefits of a walk outside.

Another well-known way to refresh your soul is a walk or jog on the beach.

There is something truly magical watching the waves and their repetitive nature. It soothes the soul, also providing a sense of peace and balance. Worries seem to drift away, and we are recharged.

Another way to quickly refresh your soul (especially here in Central California), is a 5- or 10-minute break in the sunshine.

Just sit quietly, close your eyes, and RELAX. The sun will recharge YOU, just like a solar panel. That little escape will surely refresh your soul, kind of like a reboot on your electronic devices.

There are other ways too.

Some folks enjoy yoga, Pilates, jogging and gardening. It seems to be activities where you can zone out or really relax, that bring this sense of peace and calmness that refreshes our souls.

Even sex within a loving relationship can help one connect and feel the “re-charge” we all need from time to time.

I encourage you to Refresh Your Soul and refresh it often.

Try different methods or invent your own. Then repeat. Often.

Image of a beach taken by Janie J while on vacation.

If you've seen my books or social media posts, you'll know that I particularly love the beach.

That sense of well-being and happiness, joy and peace are something we all need to experience on a regular and continuing basis.

I know my life is much better since I made this a regular part of my life. And now I know what it is called!


About the Author:

Janie J is an author, speaker and inspirational poet. Her mission is to encourage women to live their best lives. You can find her most often writing in the backyard of her small ranch, surrounded by chickens and fruit trees, or at the beach anywhere in the world.


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