The Power of Reflection
May 17, 2019

This morning instead of going for a run or working on my next book, I decided to put on a sweater and some tennies right over my nightgown and go for a peaceful walk around my small ranch.

Janie's porch

This gift of reflection (which is how I see my time spent in nature), was such a revelation!

You see, my perception has changed immensely over the last five years. Instead of seeing all the work to be done –the pruning, weeding, dry grass and unmown fields, I immersed myself in the beauty of it all. I was grateful I had managed to care for my place (which I call my oasis) on my own after a rough road.

I spent a minute petting the neighbor’s two horses along the fence line. I said “good morning” to my ten chickens sitting on their perches in the coops–the 5 new chicks, the 3 layers and the 2 retirees.

Image of Janie's chickens

All the while my dog, Pepper, was enjoying being outside with me. (I swear dogs can smile when you spend time with them! The power of reflection must work for them too.)

I focused on the new fruit growing on the apple, cherry, peach and Asian pear trees. I focused on the new growth on the citrus trees that had emerged after a cold winter. I smiled when I walked past the grapes, whose long strands of new growth now skimmed the ground. I cherished the first bloom of the white iceberg roses on the walkway that will soon be dropping their petals on the bricks like snowflakes.

I relished in the purple flowers that now graced the unmown fields because I ran out of time to mow them and just let it go.


Letting go, it seems is the way to enjoy life more. Do the best you can and let the rest go. All that is required in life is that we do our best.

We don’t get any extra credit for having a perfect yard –no weeds, nothing to prune, nothing to water or fertilize. All we get is the anxiety of not finishing the job and a longer “to do”list.

I encourage everyone to let it go.

Do your best and remember to enjoy the journey. Experience the power of your own reflection. I know my life is much happier now that I have done so.

  • “Janie has been an inspiration to me. Her no-nonsense, no-fluff approach to finding the most important ways to make the biggest impact on her own life has helped me grow in my life too.”
    Beth Bridges
    The Networking Motivator
  • “‘Live the Life You Have Imagined’ covered everything I needed to be reminded of as I continue life's journey in an easy, concise format that will allow me to go back to it over and over for direction and inspiration.”
    Pat Birkle
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    Karen Bowser
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    Susan Zumwalt

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