Thankfulness - A Pathway to Joy

Being thankful for where you are in life and your, changes your attitude towards life itself. It is literally a pathway to experiencing more joy in your life.


If you wake up in the morning and are thankful for that (consider the alternative), you are off to a great start. As you observe the new day unfolding and catch a glimmer of sun rising above the horizon, you are witnessing a daily miracle. Be thankful for that. Be thankful for the eyes that let you observe such beauty. Be thankful you’ve made an early start to your day. Literally, rejoice in the day that God has made!


Be thankful for your hot morning beverage or breakfast. Be thankful for your family members or four-legged friends who greet you in the morning with a kiss or lick on the face!


Be thankful you had a soft mattress in which to slumber and the soft blanket that kept you warm. Be thankful for the cozy and safe bedroom you were able to rest in.


Can you see how your day is off to a good start by merely being thankful for the little blessings in life? Can you feel the joy rising inside you as you approach this new day?


This is a wonderful way to start each day and set yourself up for a more joyous day! What are you thankful for today?

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