April 01, 2024

Journey of Transformation

Change is an inevitable part of life. Whether it’s a shift in our personal circumstances, a career transition, or societal transformations, change surrounds us. Yet, many of us find it challenging to embrace change wholeheartedly. In this blog, we’ll explore the art of accepting change and navigating it with grace. 1. Acknowledge the Uncomfortable: Change often […]
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March 26, 2024

Why Changing Your Perspective is So Valuable

Do you ever notice those people who are constantly upbeat, positive, cheerful and have a great outlook on life, even when it’s clear that life is not going well for them? Chances are it’s their perspective. Yes, it’s all about how they perceive their life, the situation, or an event. Others might perceive a fall […]
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Thankfulness - A Pathway to Joy
March 18, 2024

Thankfulness – a Pathway to Joy

Being thankful for where you are in life and your, changes your attitude towards life itself. It is literally a pathway to experiencing more joy in your life.   If you wake up in the morning and are thankful for that (consider the alternative), you are off to a great start. As you observe the […]
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How to Keep Your Positivity in new year
December 20, 2023

How to Keep Your Positivity in the New Year

The answer to this question is not what you think, but it is absolutely imperative! And it is a never-ending challenge we all deal with. Two days after Christmas it hit me (not another ornament off the tree), but the realization that I was exhausted. My legs hurt so bad from all the cooking, food […]
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How to Survive and Thrive after Divorce
August 31, 2023

How to Survive and Thrive After Divorce

First and foremost, you will need to change your mindset. Yes, change is hard. Yes, change is uncomfortable. However, learning to embrace change will do wonders for your life, especially when experiencing a divorce.   How does one embrace change when it seems your whole life is crumbling before you? Look at the bright side […]
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Why - An Inspirational Poem
February 14, 2023

Why? - An Inspirational Poem

  Why do things happen Just as they do? Don’t you ever wonder – What makes it true?   Perhaps choices made When we were young. Maye it’s not the outcome For which we longed.   Ne’ver the reason, This point is true. God knew the reason Greater than you.   Learn to rejoice In […]
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Observing Your Life in the Third Person
February 09, 2023

Observing Your Life in the Third Person

Want to experience monumental personal growth without years on the therapist’s couch? Then spend quiet time each day reflecting on your daily interactions with others in the third person. Pretend you’re a fly on the wall or an unbiased observer. How did that recent interaction with your family member or co-worker go? If it wasn’t […]
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What Can Cause a Burning Desire?
December 27, 2022

What Can Cause a Burning Desire?

Big life changes are often prompted by a “burning desire.” You see, we humans often require a virtual kick in the head to get us going on our path. This path or journey as it’s sometimes called, is necessary so we can learn and grow as part of the human experience.   But what exactly […]
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Forgiving Oneself
August 29, 2022

Forgiving Oneself

Yes, there is a purpose behind our actions when we say something that we later regret! This is quite a normal occurrence and definitely something that we as humans NEED to do in order to learn and grow. No, I do not beat myself up about past poor performance. I learned long ago that such […]
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Tip to Fight Procrastination (HARO)
August 18, 2022

Tip to Fight Procrastination (HARO)

As an author with three books under my belt, I am well aware of procrastination in my writing career and personal life. I have found myself stuck on a project or task when telling myself to “Eat That Frog,” or “Just Do It,” simply doesn’t work.  This is especially true if the procrastinated task has […]
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