On my 4-mile run one Sunday, I had plenty of time for reflections – on myself, the people, and things I encountered, and the meaning of it all.

There were all sorts of folks on the trail, and it appeared they had a host of reasons for being there. Here are some of my reflections.

Older couples with their dog, trying to get in some much-needed EXERCISE.

A young family with a child in the stroller and one on the way. Looked like they are creating GOOD HABITS.

People with their teenagers, like my running buddy Lisa, making time for FAMILY!

An older guy riding a bike who commented to me that he was ‘thinking’ about jogging. Perhaps I was encouraging him. It made me think about riding a bike. So we both EXPANDED OUR THINKING.

Three 50-something women walking and talking as they try to get in better shape. The power of ENCOURAGEMENT! I even wonder if by seeing me jog by, it serves as a little INSPIRATION for them too.

Two twenty-something girlfriends talking as they walked. The power of FRIENDSHIP!

A cute guy with his shirt off – OMG  - those abs! I will leave out that feeling/observation.

A squirrel happily running around, eating a nut with so much JOY!

People acknowledging each other with a nod, a ‘good morning’, or just a smile. The power of CONNECTION!

I hear and enjoy the nearby stream/canal with water sounds that seem to SOOTHE MY SOUL.

An older man with a cane, hobbling along, exhibiting his own version of PERSISTENCE!

A young woman wearing a sports bra and shorts – oh, those abs – ENCOURAGEMENT! (Maybe it is possible for me too?)

As I slowed down and headed back to my car, I saw a limp, dead squirrel on the sidewalk – a subtle reminder that all of us only have a limited number of days.

How will you spend your next Sunday? Will you encourage others? Will you be persistent in your quest to learn a new activity? Will you spend time with family and friends? What is important to you?

For me, I plan to keep on running and reflecting. And go find some abs videos!

Share your thoughts and reflections below! I am curious how others spend their time and for what reasons.

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