Tip to Fight Procrastination (HARO)
August 18, 2022

As an author with three books under my belt, I am well aware of procrastination in my writing career and personal life.

I have found myself stuck on a project or task when telling myself to “Eat That Frog,” or “Just Do It,” simply doesn’t work.  This is especially true if the procrastinated task has no financial benefit or no tangible benefits in the near future.

So, I play a "mind game," which is not an app. It’s a way to change my mindset about a certain chore that cannot by delegated, deleted or delayed much longer. I just need to "do" it. This is really an "inside job."

Instead of focusing on the guilt that not completing the task generates (because we all know guilt just makes us feel worse), I focus on the long-range benefits. The tape in my head sounds like this: “I will be so relieved when X task is completed. I will be able to focus on more important work once X is completed. Once I complete X, everything else will be easier.”

Should this "mind game" not work, my backup plan is just plain bribery. I tell myself: “When I get this task done, I will be able to go on to Y (something I really want to do – like go on vacation.) This one works like a charm, with the added benefit of frequent vacations."

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