The Journey is the Gift
May 29, 2021

Achieving a goal is not the gift. The journey itself is the gift. You might not achieve the goal, but here's why you should do the thing anyway.

Change takes time.

That is something we often seem to forget when we are trying to institute a new habit or a different lifestyle. Yes, we know it takes time to lose those unwanted pounds, but often we seem to forget that fact when we are on the journey. We want it now, by golly, not in weeks or months.

Stay the course.

When we are in the middle of a journey, we are so focused on the outcome that we often forget to enjoy the ride.

“What ride?” you might snap at me while you are munching on a celery stick.

Let me explain. Mentor Jim Rohn has been quoted many times as saying that it is not the goal that’s important, but rather what we will become while we are working towards it.

To put it another way — it’s not the goal that changes us.

It is the process that changes us. This is what is important!

We become a better, more skilled, more confident, more (insert your adjective) person than we were previously. We become a better version of ourselves. And that is the point.

It will be difficult.

I want to be a little vulnerable here and show you a glimpse into my own life, lest you think my path has been quick or easy.

Seven years ago, yep, seven years ago today, my former spouse suddenly called it quits.

I was scared I would become a bag lady in my sixties, so I set about learning how to fix my life. I worked on my thoughts and actions for 2 ½ years before I dug myself out of that financial and emotional hole.

When I was "sort of" okay, I started dating and met someone I thought was the love of my life. I was determined to make time for that relationship which meant traveling to see him.

To carry out this plan, I decided to become a writer and wean myself from my time-consuming real estate activities.

Fast forward to now. I am a four-time published author with two more books on their way, firmly cementing my goal of becoming an author, hence that part of the plan has been accomplished.

Additionally, just this week, I finalized two transactions that will absolve me of those time-consuming real estate activities. One of those transactions was the most complicated real estate sale I have encountered in 25 years in the industry involving a handful of owners, numerous government agencies, and (of course) legal complications.

But through the goodwill and determination of all involved, we were able to pull it off!

Now I am finally free of those pesky early-morning phone calls regarding water leaks, tenant vacancies and missed garbage pickups!

It has been a long, hard, and focused journey. Sticking to my plan (or the course) was difficult, and it took longer than anticipated! This part of my journey took 4 ½ years to come to completion. Four and a half years. That is not a typo.

And Mr. Right (the reason for my goal in the first place, remember him? The love of my life?)?

He is nowhere to be seen.

You might think, “What the heck? After all of that hard, difficult, and exhausting work?"

But that’s not how I look at it!

I look at what I have become and what would have never happened if I did not have that burning desire inside me. Nope, I am not upset. I am thankful for Mr. Right and what he unintentionally pushed me to do.

You see, that goal was not the reward. The gift was in what I became along the way.

My question for you is — what is your journey? And what will you become?


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