May 19, 2022

Great people learn to be fearless! But how?

One way is to think of it is that FEARLESSNESS is like a muscle.

Just like in exercise, the muscle needs to be used for it to grow and become stronger. You need to break it down; push it to the limits, and then try again. With each new set of reps, your muscle gets stronger. It is the same for our "fearlessness" muscle.

Let’s say you would like to be a public speaker, but the mere thought of it scares the bejeebies out of you.

Well, start small, really small. Like writing a sentence or two and practicing in front of the mirror. Then practice in a group setting of two or three people. It can be something simple like an introduction to yourself and/or your business. Keep expanding your little talk and the number of people you speak to.

Eventually, you will be at ease so the thought of giving an hour-long speech to a room full of people won’t even faze you!

But it all starts by exercising that "fearlessness" muscle. Every time you conquer another fear, you grow bolder. You gain more confidence. You start to believe you are a contender in whatever arena you are in.

What used to scare you? What still scares you? What are you willing to do to strengthen your "fearlessness" muscle?

Share your stories below. We would all love to hear them!

And since you are probably curious — I have exercised this muscle to learn things like — belly dancing, writing, and using Zoom.

Yep, we all have to start somewhere. Remember, fearlessness is like a muscle!


Another muscle to strengthen is your "habit muscle." Learn how with my C.H.E.A.T. Your Way to Better Habits Program.

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