Header Image: A Freeing Revelation ... or Two by Janie J
July 14, 2020

There were two revelations that profoundly changed how I look at life.

I guarantee they will change how you view and participate in life too if you truly absorb them.


“What other people think of you is none of your business.”

Yes - you read it right! What others think of you is none of YOUR business. Let them keep their opinions to themselves. Your only concern should be YOUR opinion of yourself.

Are you behaving in such a way that you believe is just and fair for all, despite how it might look to others?

Why should you ignore the opinions of others?

Well, think about it – what do other people often say (or think) when you come up with a goal or plan? Negativity!! They give you numerous reasons why it is a bad idea or won’t work. They fill your mind with all the reasons why it’s too expensive or unattainable. You see – others put limits on us, mostly because they are reflecting their own fears or limiting beliefs onto us!

  • Don’t fall into that trap!
  • Pave your own way.
  • Make your own choices.
  • Take your own path, even if it’s unknown, scary, or untraveled.
  • Be the captain of your own ship and be willing to suffer the consequences of your actions versus the consequences of someone else’s feeble thoughts.


Speaking of consequences – here is the second revelation that will transform how you do life.

“There is no such thing as a mistake!”

Yep, you read that one right too!

Just imagine what you would do if you knew there was no such thing as a mistake.

You might train for that marathon or climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, start your own business, take that parachute jump, travel to India solo or spend an entire month at a conference in Pula, Croatia.

What happens is when we reach outside our comfort zones – we learn, we grown, and we expand. We learn new skills and techniques. Our confidence grows. We start living a bigger life.

This view is especially helpful when looking at life in the “rear view mirror” as some call it. This is where we often get stuck in the “woulda, coulda, shoulda” trap.

Instead, look at those misadventures - a failed relationship, a financial downfall, a missed opportunity - as merely your education of life via the University of Hard Knocks.

You learned and you grew. Those are good things! Those are the experiences that shaped you to be who you are today. Be grateful. Be thankful for the opportunity and the lessons you learned.


Reflect on the type of life you would live if you weren’t concerned about what others think of you.

Reflect on the choices you’d make if you knew there was no such thing as a mistake.


How much bigger would your world be if you embraced these ideas of thought?

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  • “Janie has been an inspiration to me. Her no-nonsense, no-fluff approach to finding the most important ways to make the biggest impact on her own life has helped me grow in my life too.”
    Beth Bridges
    The Networking Motivator
  • “‘Live the Life You Have Imagined’ covered everything I needed to be reminded of as I continue life's journey in an easy, concise format that will allow me to go back to it over and over for direction and inspiration.”
    Pat Birkle
  • “Janie, You are my inspiration! I have enjoyed watching your life grow as you share your best life with others and I can hardly wait to read your next book.”
    Karen Bowser
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    Susan Zumwalt

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