The Power of Just Saying, “No”
October 12, 2023

If you wish to live your best life, this quote from Yung Pueblo’s book is worth your time to ponder.


“One of the hardest skills to master is saying no to yourself so that you can rise up and unfold into a greater you:


-No to distractions or lack of consistency.


-No to the patterns and ways of being that only lead back into the past.


-No to only doing what is easy.


-No to doubt and fear.”


What are YOU willing to say “NO” to so you can live the life you want? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

  • “Janie has been an inspiration to me. Her no-nonsense, no-fluff approach to finding the most important ways to make the biggest impact on her own life has helped me grow in my life too.”
    Beth Bridges
    The Networking Motivator
  • “‘Live the Life You Have Imagined’ covered everything I needed to be reminded of as I continue life's journey in an easy, concise format that will allow me to go back to it over and over for direction and inspiration.”
    Pat Birkle
  • “Janie, You are my inspiration! I have enjoyed watching your life grow as you share your best life with others and I can hardly wait to read your next book.”
    Karen Bowser
  • “Janie's writing is engaging and entertaining from the start. She challenges you to reflect on daily choices and make/or remake future decisions.”
    Susan Zumwalt

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