Simple Keys to Productivity
June 13, 2024

The number one key to productivity is laser focus. In order to be focused, one must use systems to both schedule and perform specific tasks. Then the habit of using these systems need to be instilled until it is automatic.  

Grouping similar tasks togethers is more efficient, both in the office and out. It’s easier to crank out more work and be productive if you block out the time on your calendar. For example - no phone calls, meetings, or social media, early in the day. This is the time you block out for your most important tasks. Then return all your emails and calls later in the day. In addition, you can schedule ‘out of the office’ days to attend meetings, go to networking events or other appointments. This saves travel time as well as focus.  

Remember, every time you change your focus from one task to another, including driving/leaving your office, your mind has to reboot to prepare for the task, thus wasting precious time and focus. 

When your motivation wanes and you feel overwhelmed, remember the reason you are doing this work. Is it your family? To help others? Or is it your mission in life? We all need a reminder occasionally. 

If you become overwhelmed with too much to do – it is time to prioritize. Then take a deep breath and remember, the most successful people don’t do it all; instead, they do what matters! 

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