Match your mission to your passion
August 16, 2019

Are you feeling stuck in your professional life? Does it seem like all work and no sense of enjoyment? Feeling burned out?

If so, maybe it is time to rethink your "Mission" (i.e. your career) and match to your "Passion!"

Speaking from personal experience, once I changed my career focus to an area that fits my passion, this has not been a problem. I actually have the opposite problem - I want to do everything at once instead of focusing on the next most important task!

I believe the reason is that I finally discovered my passion or what others would call my “why.”

And, it has nothing to do with making money. It has everything to do with doing the "One Thing" I feel compelled to do. The "One Thing" I would regret the rest of my life if I did not do it.

I let go of the worry about making ends meet. My thought process is something like this: if this is what I feel compelled to do, then I will figure it out with the help of God or my "Higher Power."

I am not going to sweat the details.

Admittedly, I started this new endeavor only about a year and half ago, so maybe I am keeping burnout at bay because it is still relatively early in the process. My mission is my marker, what I am always aiming for. If it doesn’t move my mission forward, I don’t want to spend a lot of my time on it.

This is one of the reasons I recently stopped training as an elite runner with a track team. It was fun. I liked the connections with the team members, but it didn’t move my mission forward (and it was very time consuming). 

At some point we must ask ourselves, “Is this really how I want to spend my time? Am I moving my mission forward by allotting my time this way?”

Those types of questions are much easier to answer if you know you are pointed in the right direction. And that can only happen if you match your mission to your passion!

I encourage you to think about how you can adapt your passion to become your mission. The answers are within each of us. We just must discover them!

  • “Janie has been an inspiration to me. Her no-nonsense, no-fluff approach to finding the most important ways to make the biggest impact on her own life has helped me grow in my life too.”
    Beth Bridges
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