Imposter Syndrome: The Simple Solution (Image of a woman hiding in bed)
September 8, 2020

The feelings of being an imposter and having imposter syndrome for so many women are seeded deep within our culture, despite claims of equal opportunity.

They stem from a society that does not fully grasp the value, worth or capabilities of women. This myth is so deep that even women believe it.

I know because I used to feel like an imposter, not worthy, not really good enough.

What is the solution? Women cannot look to society to "fix" this. They must fix it themselves by encouraging and lifting up other women, some of whom might also secretly feel like imposters themselves.

What really helped me was changing the kind of people I work and socialize with.

Negative people, or "naysayers" as I call them, can really bring you down, even when you are trying really hard to improve your life and your business. It is best to avoid these folks. It's a very simple solution compared to other choices.

Instead of trying to change the entire world around you, focus on creating an inner circle of friends and co-workers who lift you - and each other - up. They will inspire you to be even better. They will help you realize that, yes, you too, are worthy.

Yes, you too, are capable.

Yes, you are NOT an imposter.

Reprogramming your brain to believe you are worthy, capable and have value starts with YOU and the people around you.

You must tell yourself (repeatedly) and only be around people who agree, that you are smart, worthy, competent, valuable, and YOU deserve a seat at the table of life. I accomplished this by the use of affirmation cards that I posted around the house where I could see them frequently. You can also repeat affirmations daily aloud. This positive inner and outer self-talk, reinforced by the opinions of others, literally re-wires our brains so that eventually we believe it! Then we no longer feel like an imposter.

The implications of not overcoming imposter syndrome are that women will continue to be treated as second-rate people; and they will feel like second-rate people. We owe it to ourselves and other women to lift each other up.

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