Dare to be 100 by Creating Order in Your Life
November 12, 2021

“Outer order brings inner calm.”
~ Gretchin Rubin

Want to live a long, happy, and fulfilling life?

Bring order into your life!

That’s what author Walter M. Bortz II, MD, surprisingly proclaimed in his book, “Dare to Be 100.”

I recently dug this 25-year-old book out of my “to read” pile.

Curious to find out if he “walked the talk” from this 25-year old book, I googled him. He’s now in his 90’s and ran marathons till his late 80’s. I think he knows what he is talking about!

Dr. Bortz felt so strongly about establishing “order” that he calls it a keystone for successful aging. I would consider it establishing good habits to last a lifetime. These habits are activities we must consciously cultivate to keep our lives orderly.

It’s not really important what you call these suggestions, it’s that you follow them if you want to live a long life.

This is what he recommended:

  • Order means good health. Maintain your health and keep moving. Use your muscles as they were intended. In other words, keep your body in good working order.
  • Continue learning to keep your brain functioning properly. Learn a new skill, game, or sport as you age.
  • Maintain your emotions. Angry behavior is not good for one’s health. As you age, you should learn how to keep tabs on an unruly attitude.
  • Maintain your senses as they help with your survival. I would consider this to include the use of hearing aids (even if you hate them), glasses (even if you are vain about wearing them), and enjoying new scents.
  • Traditions become even more important as one ages. Experience is wisdom that can be shared with others. Establishing and maintaining traditions builds important social connections.
  • Keep renewing yourself. This means changing and growing. Don’t remain stagnant!

What can YOU do in your day-to-day life to make it a little more orderly?

What habits can you start that will help you live a long, happy, and fulfilling life?

I found “Dare to be 100” to still be relevant. It has “aged well!” You can get more about healthy aging - as well as a link to his book - on his website here.


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