What I Learned from Solo Travel
January 19, 2024

What I Learned from Solo Travel

Amid the pandemic in June 2021, I went to Maui, Hawaii, for a week. One might think this is not the best place for solo travel, amidst all those newlyweds (which I did meet in an evening hot tub visit). But I want to share why going to a romantic location can be a good […]
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Time at Sea
December 28, 2023

Time at Sea - An Inspirational Poem

Time at sea makes me ponder What lies ahead out yonder.   Will it be joyous or full of sorrow? Will I be happy again tomorrow?   I’ll not worry and just let it pass, For my days are numbered, not meant to last.   Why not enjoy the time at sea And just let […]
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Header image for Janie J Blog New Beginnings - Pula Croatia coastline
July 03, 2019

New Beginnings

I was rushing. Rushing to get ready. Rushing to get those damn fake eyelashes on. Sweating in the small bathroom. Putting on the tight, almost too small, long lacy dress, that arrived only the day before I left for Pula. Wishing I hadn’t eaten the pomme frits or baguette the previous day. I held in […]
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Refreshing One's Soul. Image of a beautiful sunset taken by Janie J while on vacation at Kure Beach in North Carolina.
May 31, 2019

Refreshing One’s Soul: How to Rest, Relax and Recover

Only recently have I heard the term “refreshing one’s soul,” but I knew innately what it meant. I’ve been doing so - regularly - for the last five years since I started my journey of self-awareness and discovery. To me it was much like the term “self-care,” which I had not ever heard of until […]
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August 03, 2018

Beaches, beaches, beaches…

Are you a beach-lover? I most certainly am! It started when I was young and went to the beach with my parents to Morro Bay, California to go “clamming”. I remember being around 11, dressed in my “jams”, which were quite popular at the time. If you are too young to remember, “jams” were comprised […]
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