Where Do I Start Building New Habits?
October 21, 2020

I know, I’ve been there. Starting a NEW HABIT just seems overwhelming.

The good news is: IT’S NOT REALLY OVERWHELMING. You CAN take conscious steps and learn that new habit till it is on automatic, but there is something REALLY important that you must do first.

That something is described like this:

  • Find your WHY – why do you want to change or implement a new habit?
  • WHAT do you hope to accomplish by doing so? A more harmonious life? Feeling more fit? Freedom from credit card debt?
  • Are you WILLING to do the work?

If so, then you are ready to change your MINDSET! You know that voice in your head that says things like:

  • It’s too hard
  • I’ll never make it
  • Others can do it, but I have all these issues…
  • How am I going to stay on track? It worked before but life got in the way and I couldn’t keep it up.
  • If only….(insert your excuse).

Once you know your WHY and your WHAT and you are willing to do the WORK, you just need a different mindset – a POSITIVE mindset – so you can start on your path of creating better habits from the best vantage point you can muster.

BUT HOW? You must learn to turn around any obstacle, excuse, or hurdle into a game. A game that you feel compelled to conquer.

Think of it this way – the wall around the THING YOU WANT (to start building new habits) is only an obstacle to keep other people out, the people who don’t want it bad enough to do the work. We all have many of the same obstacles: not enough time, too many responsibilities, roadblocks that seem insurmountable, negative self-talk.

You are STRONGER than that.

You CAN do it.

You are made for GREATNESS.

But to be great, you have to start.

Start first with a change in your attitude from a naysayer to a more positive person. Start telling yourself you CAN do it! Start by trimming your other responsibilities. Start by making yourself a priority. Start by telling others you will do this versus asking their permission. (You don’t need it!)

Start with little steps.

Continue the momentum.

Master the skills required to start building new habits and maintain them.

And then…you will look back later to see WHAT YOU HAVE BECOME! It all starts with changing your mindset!

  • “Janie has been an inspiration to me. Her no-nonsense, no-fluff approach to finding the most important ways to make the biggest impact on her own life has helped me grow in my life too.”
    Beth Bridges
    The Networking Motivator
  • “‘Live the Life You Have Imagined’ covered everything I needed to be reminded of as I continue life's journey in an easy, concise format that will allow me to go back to it over and over for direction and inspiration.”
    Pat Birkle
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    Karen Bowser
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    Susan Zumwalt

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