7 Lessons Learned from COVID Life
January 3, 2021

1. Family Time — We had more family time.

Even though many lamented having to stay home with their kids and do the homeschool routine, it really has been a blessing. Many families were able to spend hours of time together that they normally could not, due to busy work and school schedules. With all but the essentials weeded out, more family time was a big result.

Those who used this precious resource well know that the time we spend with family members, especially young children will reap rewards for many years to come. Children won’t remember all the Christmas gifts, but they will remember the time you spent doing puzzles, cooking/baking together, watching a movie together or making some craft project. Many people lament later in life, the time they spent working too much and not spending enough family time, but then it’s too late.

It’s often when the kids leave home that the parent realizes they didn’t prioritize things correctly. COVID helped get the priorities straight. Hopefully, you did too!

2. Preparing Meals — It was a time to slow down, enjoy fresher meals, especially with the restaurants closing and giving us a nudge to prepare our own meals, which is better for our bodies anyway.

Preparing home-cooked meals can seem overwhelming for some, but when you are left with fewer options, you can learn how. Meal preparation helps us think about what we are actually putting into our bodies. Maybe it made you realize you were eating too much junk food, fast food, or prepackaged food.

Perhaps you used this ‘gift’ to spend time with family preparing meals or teaching your children how to cook. If so, you took advantage of the situation.

3. Nature — We all had more time to be outside in nature, which is a great stress-releaser and mood lifter, especially when the gyms closed.

We found more time to walk and enjoy the great outdoors, even when the weather was less than perfect. I am thinking of superhot 100 degree plus weather where I live, cloudy/rainy/foggy days, or days with poor air quality. Just having more time during COVID made us all aware of our connection to nature — whether it was good or needed improvement.

4. The Plight of Others — Things might have seemed bleak for ourselves, but if we looked at the toll it took on healthcare workers, nursing homes, those people stuck between countries while traveling, and those who lost loved ones, we realized just how lucky we were.

Pre-COVID, many of us were too self-centered and didn’t think much about anyone else. Maybe you reached out to others by donating your money or time to help. Hopefully the world has learned lessons from COVID about how our concern for others helps us grow and become more caring individuals.

5. Social Connections — Only when we lose something we treasure; do we realize the value of it. This was the situation with social connections.

Sure, we were annoyed with our crazy cousin Moe, or our judgmental grandma, but when we can't give them a hug or even see them, it can be very difficult. And then there are the folks you really care about and with whom you took your regular interactions for granted. It was time to treasure the simplest of things — each other.

6. Our Outlook on Life — How we look at life determines our life.

We have certainly observed those negative folks — glued to TV and spewing doom and gloom. Their life is a reflection of what they take in. Others, who distance themselves from negative talk, take another path — a happier path, and their lives reflect that. It is important to remember our diet is reflected in the life we live, and that includes are ‘media’ diet.

7. Deciding What’s Really Important — It doesn’t come down to the ‘things’ we have, but the people and the life we shape with them.

COVID has helped us ‘cut to the chase’ and discover what’s important: taking care of ourselves to maintain our health and happiness and time with family/friends. Not things, not more stuff. Not even more vacations. COVID was a great opportunity to learn to be happy wherever we are.

If you haven’t learned these things, perhaps you need to take a new look at your circumstances or perhaps you need another 9 months of pandemic life.

I prefer to learn the lessons and take them info the new year as a new way of living.

What about you?

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