A Little Slice of Heaven

When was the last time you enjoyed a “little slice of heaven”? My trip to Wyoming can only be described as just that — a little heaven on earth! It’s peaceful; the views are gorgeous and nature abounds everywhere. There are horses, cattle, birds, flowers, trees, mountains, rivers, clouds and plenty of sunshine! You can fish, hike, ride (horses or bicycles), walk or just SIT and enjoy being outdoors.

After a morning ride out to enjoy breakfast cooked at a camp along the stream, we enjoyed ‘Top Hand’ training where we practiced rounding up cattle. What fun! The gourmet meals are sumptuous and the desserts are to die for. At the very least, both require a looser notch on our cowboy belts!

Meeting new cowpokes from all over the USA is fun too. But the best part by far is just enjoying the great outdoors! Connecting with nature in only a way that a tech-free environment allows. No cells phones or TV, limited wi-fi, and if necessary – we resort to a land-line. This is the life – one more way to Live the Life You Have Imagined!!

What would be YOUR idea of a little slice of heaven? Dream a little…then work towards making your dream a reality.

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