August 24, 2018

Do you know what brings you joy? Is it smile on your loved one's face? The dog wagging his tail and encouraging you to play ball? Or is it the beauty of a fresh bouquet of flowers?

Image of a bouquet of flowers to illustrate things that bring Janie J joy

We all have different things that bring us joy and bliss and every sort of happiness in between. It is important to identify YOUR JOY so you can consciously seek out more of it! You are perfectly within your rights to think, do and act upon every little thing that brings you happiness and joy. It doesn't have to be a BIG thing like a trip on a Caribbean vacation. It could be fresh flowers cut from your yard or baking a batch of homemade cookies.

Think of this as a "quest", something you are actively seeking. Ask yourself this questions, "If I could have anything I wanted at this moment, what would it be? What would make me happiest? What would bring me joy?" And then go for it!

Many things we automatically rule out are actually easily within our reach, if we just try. Other, bigger ideas might be verging on breaking the budget or seem like just too good to be true! I urge you to ask for it anyway! The Universe has a unique way of bringing things to us that we ask for - so why not ASK?

People are amazed at the things that bring me joy that I have actually asked for and received. A rainbow. A cloud to move so I can finish my yard work in the sunshine. Good weather for outdoor parties. The perfect wardrobe attire.  A friendly face when I need it most.

One simple thing that brings me great joy is fresh flowers. I cut roses from my yard when they are available. If not, I buy them weekly. It really lifts my spirits to see them in my bedroom each morning....

Remember to follow your bliss!

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    The Networking Motivator
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    Susan Zumwalt

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