Janie Jurkovich

Bluebirds dancing on the rocks
Hopping and jumping
Looking for seeds.

Bright, vibrant colors
Feathers standing high
Exuding in confidence and pride.

What an inspiration to all
We should follow their lead
And dance thru life with
Our heads held high.


Janie Jurkovich


Want a better life?
Don’t we all.
What are you waiting for –
A personal call?

What are you willing to give?
How much can you take?
To meet that goal
There’s a price to pay.

It’s paid with effort.
It’s paid with sweat.
Keep on trying
Till the goal is met.

Time and patience
Will take care of the rest.

A Life You Only Imagined

Janie Jurkovich

A butterfly emerges from her cocoon. She’s wary to venture out into the world, but excited at the same time.

She thinks, “Will I make it?  What’s in store for me in this big, pretentious world?”

As she fervently flaps her wings, she discovers the world to be a beautiful, wondrous place full of adventure.

The sunlit trees beckon her. The flowers shimmer in the wind.

She becomes immersed in living a life she could have only imagined.

We are the butterflies in our own life.  Break free; meet the challenges and reap the rewards of a life you only imagined.