This poem was a download from earlier this month.
I sat on my balcony one morning and just felt like writing a poem. I wrote the first couple lines, and then it all flowed.

The cool winds blow
The trees sway with the rhythm
Of a new day.
The birds chirp
‘Good morning’ in a familiar way.

 The sun has made it’s
Majestic appearance.
A new day has begun.
Where it will lead,
What will be done
How it will all interface,
Is up to God
And our free will.

 The choices we make will
Lead us on our path.
The path to salvation
Of all mankind.
For although the days
Aren’t numbered,
Only God knows where
Our journey will lead.

He has written our life on sheets of stone
In centuries past
Waiting for us to fulfill
His great prophecies,
His great and wonderous plan.

The plan of creation,
One where we learn and grow
And become all we can be,
All we can know.

For we are nothing more
Than little (although powerful) cogs
In the great mechanism called ‘Life’.
A true blessing has been bestowed on us all.

Let us not forget our worthy purpose and each do our part
To move mankind forward
To a new kind of life.
One where we love each other,
And there is no strife.
All of life is harmonious and has a sense of flow
And meaning far beyond the current man’s comprehension.

Yes, Heaven on Earth,
Is what it will be.
Mankind’s greatest accomplishment.
You will see.

  • “Janie has been an inspiration to me. Her no-nonsense, no-fluff approach to finding the most important ways to make the biggest impact on her own life has helped me grow in my life too.”
    Beth Bridges
    The Networking Motivator
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    Pat Birkle
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