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March 19, 2020

How to Read More Books: New Strategies

There is no time like the present to read more books! Although I espouse the many benefits of reading daily in my book, “Live the Life You Have Imagined,” I recently discovered some NEW ideas on how to read more books. The average American woman reads just over one book on average per month. In […]
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Header image: Learning Life's Lessons from Squirrels!
November 02, 2019

Learning Life’s Lessons ... from Squirrels!

I recently had to visit the cemetery and it really got me thinking. Oh, not in the way you might think. It wasn’t a funeral or to visit the grave of a loved one. No, I was “relocating” a squirrel from my property. You see, “relocating” the little critters is my new way of dealing […]
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Blog header: How to Turn Your Life Around by Someone who Did It - picture of a turning road
October 25, 2019

How To Turn Your Life Around ...

by Someone Who Did It! Ready to turn your life around? The first step is tough. But you must reach your low point. It doesn’t have to be when you are strung out under a bridge; hopefully your low point comes before that. For me it happened when my long-term marriage ended and I took […]
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Match your mission to your passion
August 16, 2019

Match Your Mission to Your Passion

Are you feeling stuck in your professional life? Does it seem like all work and no sense of enjoyment? Feeling burned out? If so, maybe it is time to rethink your "Mission" (i.e. your career) and match to your "Passion!" Speaking from personal experience, once I changed my career focus to an area that fits […]
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A Different Kind of Travel Experience - a Blog Post by Janie J Author
July 25, 2019

A Different Kind of Travel Experience

My recent travel experience was very different from past travels. First, I didn't take an organized tour. There was no rushing from one tourist spot to another and checking off my list of accomplishments. Second, this time it was for an entire month in just one location: Pula, Croatia.  The purpose of this trip was […]
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What If? A blog post by Janie J.
July 15, 2019

What If?

What if there were no mistakes in life? What if, no matter which path you chose, it was not wrong, but instead led you right where you were supposed to be? What kind of freedom would that give you? How much stress and anxiety would that take off your shoulders to know there is no […]
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Header image for Janie J Blog New Beginnings - Pula Croatia coastline
July 03, 2019

New Beginnings

I was rushing. Rushing to get ready. Rushing to get those damn fake eyelashes on. Sweating in the small bathroom. Putting on the tight, almost too small, long lacy dress, that arrived only the day before I left for Pula. Wishing I hadn’t eaten the pomme frits or baguette the previous day. I held in […]
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July 03, 2019

Inspirational Poems - I am a Flower

I am a Flower   I am a flower. All I need is sunshine and water to grow. You are my sunshine. Loving you is the water. That’s all I need to thrive. ~ Janie J   Share this poem to spread love and joy!
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June 26, 2019

Run Your Own Pace

Running at your own pace in a race - as well as your life - is important! Why you say? Well let me explain based on my own experience. I and my Red Line Running teammates have been preparing to run in the National Senior Games. So we've been practicing very hard, running lots of […]
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June 19, 2019

Inspirational Poems - If You Only Knew

If You Only Knew My love is strong. It can overcome struggles and strife. It can hold things together in the darkest of night. It can withstand a lifetime of hopes and dreams delayed. It can take anything but you. If you only knew how much I cared. How I longed for your embrace. How […]
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