I love to travel and have been to a few exotic locations over the years, but have you ever thought of Egypt as a place to visit? Why not? The culture is rich; the people are friendly and the food is wonderful! What more could you ask for? On a recent trip I was able to stay at the Cairo Marriott, meet local street vendors, visit the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, ride a camel, see the INSIDE of two pyramids and even swim in the Nile! This may sound like a visit way outside your comfort zone, but you could experience such an adventure, too. All it takes is some pre-planning, a good travel agent and a spirit for adventure.

Just think about it – YOU really could live your best life, including traveling to exotic places! Come back soon and find out “Where in the World is Janie J?” In the meantime, you can leave your email address at JanieJ.net . You will be notified of the release date of my upcoming book, “Live the Life You Have Imagined”.

Ever ride a camel?

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